Ebru, to me, is more than a form of art; it’s a gateway to discovering history, culture, and the essence of identity. It’s a language that transcends linguistic barriers, inviting individuals from all corners of the world into a realm of inclusion and shared appreciation.

This venture into handmade books marks a significant chapter. Just as Ebru holds history, so does bookbinding. They carry stories across generations, sacred vessels capturing human expression’s profound essence.

Join me on this voyage where handmade journals reflect a diverse tapestry of human expression. Thank you for embracing art that bridges worlds and souls.


The inaugural set of handcrafted books incorporates either organic cotton or marbled paper for the hardcovers. They are bound using the long-stitch technique. Some books exhibit deckled edges, while others feature cleanly cut edges. Each book maintains an A5 size with 70 pages. The paper’s color may vary, between white and cream. These books are exclusively handmade, deliberately embracing imperfections.